The annual symposium is coming …

Annual research symposium invitation
You are all invited!

As the young scientists are busy wrapping up their work this summer, the focus is turning to our annual summer research symposium.

A little historical note. It was about 6 years ago when we changed the model for our research program. Rather than small groups over the course of the academic year, we decided that one large group over the summer would provide the best comprehensive research experience. This included weekly group meetings, lots of discussions, and a final symposium that would provide a forum for the group to formally present their work. That first group consisted of 6 students working on 3 projects, and it’s been a steady increase in numbers since then. As we mentioned in our last post, we have 18 students working on 9 projects this summer.

The symposium is always a time of excitement. The guest list is large and varied – the Leeward CC administration, the good people from INBRE, our partners from UH-Manoa and JABSOM, family, friends, colleagues, alumni and anyone that walks in off the streets.

And this year we’ve added to the fun. Today at our last group presentation, we will have a draft to determine the presentation order. Tension will be high, LOL.

Next update will be focused on the symposium.

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